“Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?” As a marker of my twenties, my work explores the construct of reality and how everything truly is in black and white. 

Through my experiences of resilience through change, and self transformation for reinvention, I have become fascinated with the polarity of nature. By working in black and white, my work considers how all things rise and fall, to know one, you must know the other. To achieve what you truly desire in this life, you must know failure. That contrast is what allows you to see in positive and negative space. In the end, your reality becomes what you make it. 

My twenties were a time for me to experience this polarity. Getting to know both sides of the coin were how I go to know myself. My work is a reflection of the twists and turns experienced while navigating life. I hope my work encourages other to seize every opportunity, black or white, for growth and self transformation. 

This body of work is influenced by two of my favorite artists, the optical illusions in MC Escher’s work and the vulnerabilities expressed by Frida Kahlo.
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